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Yard Sign (22" X 22")

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Product Details
Material: Coroplast (4 mm)
Dimensions: 22 " X 22"
Details: Wire yard sign stakes not included

You’ve coached your team to be outgoing, to blanket the community with invitations and to give the barista ANOTHER invitation, so what else can you do to reach your community?

Yard Signs! That’s right, you’re stealing a page from the playbook of high school sports teams everywhere. Your members want to represent their church family. Help them plant their flag and promote your upcoming church event!
Submit your design, select your quantity and someone from our team will send a proof for your approval. Once approved, your order will ship within three business days. Our team takes great care in packaging your prints so they arrive in great condition, ready for the weekend!
To upload your own design, follow these steps:
  1. Download the Yard Sign Template for the proper specs.
  2. After you customize your design, upload the file with your order.
  3. Once your order has been placed, someone from our team will send a proof for your approval.
  4. Your order will ship within 3 business days of your approval.
Creative Tip: Place a booth in your lobby or another high traffic area, showcasing the new yard signs. Make them available to congregation for free, or at a small cost, and be amazed at how effective your team has become at reaching the community!

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